Vent Hood Cleaning

Our commercial kitchen vent hood cleaning services San Antonio provide restaurants with the professionalism and affordability to keep Greece from building up on your exhaust system. Our vent hood cleaning services remove grease down to the bare metal reducing the chance of grease fires and helping your insurance company relax. In addition, our vent hood cleaning service includes San Antonio a high powered pressure washing, degreasing, and polishing of the entire vent hood.

Exhaust fan cleaning is also done to ensure that your entire exhaust system is clean and in operable shape. During all vent hood cleanings our technicians will inspect motors and belts for fraying or potential failures.Furthermore all grease catching baffles will be soaked and returned back to the vent hood where they will be installed.

Vent Hood Cleaning schedules include quarterly, semi annually or a one time cleaning San Antonio. Call today and ask for a free estimate of your vent hood please have the size or diminsions of your vent hoods handy for a quick and easy evaluation.

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