Dryer Vent Cleaning..Why Should I Use a Professional?


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What is Dryer Vent?

The dryer ventIs an exhaust duct that is responsible for removing lint, condensation, and heat from the inside of your home.The dryer vent exhaust duct is connected to your dryer appliance by a transition duct.This transition duct is then connected to the main dryer duct exhaust that exits the home through the roof or the side of the home.

What Is My Dryer Vent Made of?

Your dryer vent is made of 4 inch sheet-metal steel and should not be semi rigid with the exception of the transition duct. If your dryer vent is made of material other than metal then your dryer vent duct is not to code. Building code in the state of Texas requires all dryer vent ducts to be solid metal and noncombustible material. In addition, all dryer vents must be sealed and airtight to prevent any loss of air or moisture into the home.Furthermore, a proper dryer vent cap must be installed to prevent infiltration of rain and pests.

What can cause my dryer vent to become clogged?

* Bird Nest

* Dirty Lint Trap

* Lack Of Maintenance

* Too Small Diameter Dryer Vent Duct

* Insufficient airflow

What are the most common reasons dryer vents need replacement?


The number one most common reason for Dryer vent replacement is improper cleaning or maintenance techniques that cause the dryer vent to break. Do-it-yourselfers tend to use sticks, brooms, and other items that can cause damage to the dryer vent when improperly cleaning the dryer vent duct San Antonio. another common reason for drive vent replacement is that the dryer vent is not the proper diameter or is made of the material that is not metal or noncombustible material. When this occurs the placement of the dryer vent must be done in a professional manner by a certified HVAC technician that has knowledge of Texas building codes. By using a professional to clean the dryer vent or replace the dryer vent reassures a homeowner that the job was done correctly and that the installation and dryer vent cleaning last San Antonio.


Having your dryer vent cleaning done by professional who is certified and knowledgeable of building codes is very important San Antonio so choose the right company call AAA Duct Cleaning for all of your dryer vent cleaning needs 21-390-5075. are driving cleaning services San Antonio provides the homeowner a six month warranty and comes with an inspection and pressure check on all dryer vent exhaust systems.


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