is to have your air conditioning system and furnace maintained and inspected


Improving your air conditioner's and efficiency can be the difference between paying the electric company a large amount of money or receiving your electric bill every month and not have to worry about the bill amount. By improving your air conditioner's efficiency your home and wallet will begin to see improvement. In this article I would like to point out four ways to improve your air conditioning and heating systems efficiency.

How Is Air Conditioning Efficiency Measured

In the air-conditioning industry air-conditioning efficiency is measured by Seer, seasonal energy efficiency Ratio, this way of measuring efficiency is the most commonly used in the HVAC industry today. In addition, EER, or energy efficiency ratio is also used interchangably with SEER ratings.As I've heard before SEER and EER ratings are similar to how cars miles per gallon measurements are used to inform consumers and engineers on how much energy or in a car's case gas is needed to perform a task. The task in the air-conditioning industry is how much cooling will a unit provide for its tonnage versus the energy it consumes.The higher the number the better the efficiency of that particular system.The seer standard for January 1, 2015 will be 14 seer for the southern states and remain 13 seer in the northern states for residential and all other applications like package units will move up to 14 seer in 2015.


4 Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioners Efficiency

1. Maintaining yoir air conditioning system by having it inspected by a professional certified hvac technician once a year. Having your air conditioning system checked by a professional HVAC technician once a year or biannually in the summer and in the fall will ensure that both your air conditioning and heating system is functioning properly and efficiently.

2. Installing a programmable thermostat will allow you as a homeowner to control the indoor air temperature more efficiently .A programmable thermostat will allow the user to input certain times and dates to correlate with the setting that the user would like the indoor air temperature to be at that particular time and date. For instance, if the homeowner is going to go on vacation for a week that homeowner can input that data into the programmable thermostat making the system more efficient. The more sophisticated programmable thermostats can even be controlled over the Internet allowing the user to monitor the indoor air temperature and change the temperature from anywhere in the world.

3.Having your air ducts sealed is certainly a beneficial and efficient task to improve your air conditioning systems efficiency San Antonio.Having your air conditioning systems supply ducts and return air ducts sealed will prevent important air loss to areas such as the attic or unconditioned spaces in your home. Air duct sealing will improve the percentage of airflow loss and provide more CFM to the spaces that need them like the living room or bedrooms.

4.Having proper insulation is very important for an air-conditioning system to be efficient. so by improving your home's insulation and R-value air-conditioning system will not have to cycle on and off as much as a less insulated home would.The reason is because insulation provides a barrier lessening the chance for infiltration and exfiltration through walls and attic spaces resulting in a cooler or hotter home for longer periods in between the heating and cooling cycle times.




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