The most common air-conditioning and heating repairs San Antonio are originating from four categories which include electrical, mechanical, chemical, and user error.From these four categories arise most of the common air-conditioning and heating repairs and in this article the goal is to help the homeowner or technician better understand the heating and air conditioning system and how it may fail.



Why do Air Conditioning Systems Fail

Air-conditioning systems San Antonio are not perfect and will fail eventually but knowing how to fix the problem quickly and efficiently will ultimately save you money. Air-conditioning systems use electricity to power certain systems within a heating and air-conditioning system. this electricity allows for the function of mechanical components such as the compressor ,which is the main component that circulates refrigerantant and blower motors, without these systems an air conditioning and heating system would not work properly. User error is a big component of system failures because if a system is not used correctly air-conditioning and heating systems can prematurely fail due to user error or incorrect operational use.


4 Common Air Conditioning Repairs.



Electrical components that could possibly fail:


Capacitors: capacitors are similar to energy storage units. These items store energy and help mechanical components run more efficiently.A very common problem with capacitors is at their capacitance begins to decrease which results in an air-conditioning repair San Antonio.

Transformers: transformers help increase or reduce voltage. Transformers can fail during electrical surges.

Relays/Sequencers: relays and sequencers are timed switches that help coordinate certain system functions.A common problem can be a stckp relay which can potentially leave your blower motor running all day none stop raising your energy bill.

Contactors: Heavy duty electromagnetic switch that helps pass high-voltage electricity to mechanical systems.


Mechanical Components That Could Fail:

Compressors: compressors use compression to move a chemical refrigerant through the condenser and evaporator coilsWhich results in cooling/heating within a conditioned space.

Blower Motors: blowers or blower motors help to move air throughout the ventilation system or a.k.a. air duct system via supply lines and return air ducts.

Dampers: dampers are responsible for opening, closing or partially adjusting air flow through an air duct system.



The refrigerant used in mechanical air-conditioning systems is used to absorbs heat in designated spaces. Ac and Heating refrigerant has a low boiling point resulting in its use in modern-day air-conditioning and heating systems.This low boiling point allows the refrigerant to boil at a low-pressure resulting in the absorption of surrounding ambient heat. An air-conditioning system must have the correct amount of refrigerant to operate correctly and efficiently .If your air-conditioning system is low on refrigerant than your system will not operate efficiently compared to an air-conditioning system that is properly charged.Making sure that your system is properly charged San Antonio can be a simple as calling your local heating and air-conditioning contractor and scheduling a maintenance program.

User Error

User error can result from the miss operation of certain components such as thermostat. When first operating a thermostat the user should refer to its operational pamphlet that comes with the thermostat or do a Internet search to find out more about how to program a certain thermostat. User error is sometimes attributed to thermostat issues because programmable thermostats may have passwords or in more sophisticated ac systems may use a remote process of cooling down a building.


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