Testing and air conditioning fan motor

Air Conditioning Fan Motors



Types of Air Conditioning Fan Motors

There are many types of air conditioning fan motors. The most complicated being the high efficiency motors such as ecm or variable speed motors.These ecm or variable speed motors ramp up and ramp down as the system sees fit to provide the highest efficiency possible. There are also not so efficient multi-speed motors that do not have the capabilities of ecm motors but can be wired to provide low speed for heating and high speed for cooling. In addition, to their efficiency air conditioning fan motors can be used for a variety of tasks in hvac. For example, condensor fan motors are used to help disipate heat from the condensor unit helping the system pressures and temperatures to remain within normal operating ranges. Air Handler fan motors are primarily used to supply the correct amount of CFM to the indoor space helping provide comfort and humidity control.

Testing Condensor and indoor Fan Motors

Testing an air conditioning fan motor needs to be done by an expert because of the knowledge and safety needed to deal with high voltage motors. Most fan motor repair diagnoses starts with the systems power supply. Proper power must be supplied to any hvac fan motor for it to operate at optimal perfomance and efficiency levels. In addition, capacitors help a fan motors start effiiciently and run with low amperages. Remember some motors are internally protected and if a motor is undersized or has a bad capacitor it will overheat and trip on the internal overload resulting in a malfunctioning air conditioning system San Antonio. So by testing fan motor capacitorsand motor amperage draws a certified hvac technician may maintain or repair an hvac system properly.

What can cause my condensor and or indoor fan motor to prematurly fail resulting in ac repair?

* Extremely dirty motor

* Bad Capacitor

* Malfunctioning indoor blower motor reley

* Dirty air filter

*Electrical Issues

*Bad bearings

What are the most common reasons Fan Motors need replacement?


The number one most common reason for your air conditioning fan motor replacement is the motor age and condition San Antonio.The more age the fan motor has the worse the condition will be due to rusting and lack of maintenance over time machanical parts also start to break. Furthermore, another common reason for AC failure is lack of air-conditioning maintenance such as coil cleaning and regular filter changes that result in a dirty evaporator coils and poor system operation combined with higher static pressure resulting in a harder working fan motor. Efficiency suffers because airflow issues due to lodged debris in evaporator coil fins resulting in less cooling and longer cycle times.Condnesor coils build up debris also greatly overheating the compressor.This causes higher energy bills San Antonio. So, by having your ac repair company San Antonio maintenance the air conditioning and heating system yearly you can increase your blower motor and condenson fan motors life expectancy and save on costly ac repair bills and refrigerant charges San Antonio.


A/C Maintenance Tips

Check and Replace Your Filters AS NEEDED

Have your air conditioning and heating system serviced every year


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