Air Conditioning Condensate Drain Lines

Condensate drain lines are very important becauseThey help to remove condensation from the air conditioning system due to normal operation and humidity control.If there were no drain lines on air-conditioning systems San Antonio then there would be an overflow of water inside of the air-conditioning system which would flood the area the air-conditioning system is located causing water damage. A blocked or clogged air conditioning condensate drain line can be just as severe and result in thousands of dollars of damage due to water overflowing in drain pans. so air conditioning condensate drain line maintenance should be a routine maintenance task done by your professional heating and air-conditioning company San Antonio.

What are some signs that my air-conditioning condensate drain line needs to be cleaned

* Visual water stains on ceilings

* Air conditioning drain pan is damp or full of water

* Air-conditioning system is no longer cooling but indoor fan is running

* Secondary or emergency condensate drain line is dripping constantly

What can I do as a homeowner to prevent AC drain line clogs

As a homeowner drain line clog prevention can be done by using bleach in small amounts poured down the condensate drain line itself. The bleach helps to remove all of the sludge and dirt buildup inside of the condensate drain pipe resulting in a clear path for water to travel in most cases. Although this is a good method to prevent ac drain line clogs San Antonio it is no substitute for actual professional ac drain line cleaning by your ac repair company San Antonio. Vinegar is another substance that can be poured down the condensate drain to help prevent drain line clogs in between annual or semi annual HVAC maintenance checks.

Furthermore, if you have a condensate pump it must be maintenance as well as the condensate drain line.The condensate pump is responsible for pumping water out of the home through tubes or pipes that are connected to the condensate pump itself. Condensate pumps fill with water and once filled to a certain level the pump will turn on and empty the reservoir. Condensate pump maintenance is needed because the reservoir and float switch become full of sludge and debris which can make the condensate pump work improperly.

 condensate drain pump San Antonio is used to remove condensate or water from the air conditioning system. once the condensate pump reservoir reaches a certain level a float switch will turn on the condensate pump and empty the reservoir beginning the process over again San Antonio. Drain line clearing or cleaning San Antonio is needed to prevent water damage or air-conditioning system damage resulting from water or sludge buildup.Find daily deals on dryer vent cleaning and drive-in repair


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