Most Common Reasons for Air Conditioning Compressor Failure



What is an air conditioning compressor

An air-conditioning and heating system contains a low side and a high side, in addition a compressor that pumps refrigerant throughout the air-conditioning system. There are many type of setups or configurations such as heat pumps and geothermal systems that still utilize compressors in some way.These compressors help pump refrigerant throughout the system and for 410A residential systems high side pressures can exceed over 400 psi which means compressors have to be built to withstand high internal pressures and heat.

What Is My Compressor comprised of?

Your compressor is comprised of a suction line and high pressure discharge line that help draw refrigerant into the compressor where a piston and rod assembly compresses the refrigerant through the system.Internally compressors are built with safeties to help manage any issues that may arise such as higher than normal temperatures or pressures resulting in premature failure.


What can cause my compressor to prematurly fail resulting in ac repair?

* Extremely dirty condensor coil

* Dirty filters

* Malfunctioning indoor blower motor

* Air-conditioning system's refrigerant charge low or High

* Insufficient airflow

*Electrical Issues

What are the most common reasons Compressors need replacement?


The number one most common reason for your air conditioning or ac compressor or condensor coil replacement is the compressor and coil age and condition San Antonio.The more age the compressor and condensor coil has the worse the condition will be due to rusting and oxidizing over time machanical parts also start to break. Furthermore, another common reason for compressor failure is lack of air-conditioning maintenance such as coil cleaning and regular filter changes that result in a dirty evaporator coils and poor system operation. Efficiency suffers because airflow issues due to lodged debris in evaporator coil fins resulting in less cooling and longer cycle times.Condnesor coils build up debris also greatly overheating the compressor.This causes higher energy bills San Antonio. So, by having your ac repair company San Antonio maintenance the air conditioning and heating system yearly you can increase your evaporator coils life expectancy and save on costly ac repair bills and refrigerant charges San Antonio.


A/C Maintenance Tips

Check and Replace Your Filters AS NEEDED

Have your air conditioning and heating system serviced every year


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