Why did my Evaporator Coil Freeze Up?


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What is an evaporator coil?

The evaporator coil is a part of the air conditioning system that is responsible for removing heat from recirculated air that originates from conditioned spaces within the home.The evaporator coil is also known as the low side of the system. They call the evaporator coil this because it maintains a low pressure which helps refrigerant boil faster resulting in super heating of refrigerant. This super heating of refrigerant results in passing air to be cooled or refrigeration effect.

What Is My Evaporator Coil Made of?

The evaporator coil is made of copper tubing which the refrigerant flows through and absorbs ambient heat. In addition, aluminum fins help to direct the conditioned air over the copper tubes for better and even conditioning of the air. Before the evaporator call there is a type of metering device, this device helps create and maintain a low pressure side inside of the evaporator coil. there are many types of metering devices which include: tev's, txvs, and piston type metering devices, but you can guarantee your evaporator coil will be equipped with a metering device.

What can cause my evaporator coil to freeze resulting in ac repair?

* Extremely dirty evaporator coil

* Dirty filter

* Malfunctioning indoor blower motor

* Air-conditioning system's refrigerant charge low

* Insufficient airflow

What are the most common reasons evaporator coils need replacement?


The number one most common reason for evaporator coil replacement is the evaporator coil age and condition San Antonio.The more age the evaporator coil has the worse the condition will be due to rusting and oxidizing. Since an evaporator coil helps to cool and dehumidy a home the evaporation coil is usually saturated with condensate and must be piped to a drain for proper disposal. This condensate causes the coil to begin to rust resulting in pinholes that begin to excrete refrigerant resulting in a low charged air-conditioning system and the freezing of your evaporator coil. AC repair is then needed to remove and install a new evaporator coil that is not leaking refrigerant. Furthermore, another common reason for evaporator coil failure is lack of air-conditioning maintenance such as coil cleaning and regular filter changes that result in a dirty evaporator coil. Efficiency suffers because airflow issues due to lodged debris in evaporator coil fins resulting in less cooling and longer cycle times.This causes higher energy bills San Antonio.So, by having your ac repair company San Antonio maintenance the air conditioning and heating system yearly you can increase your evaporator coils life expectancy and save on costly ac repair bills and refrigerant charges San Antonio.


 Check and replace your filters as needed San Antonio. San Antonio air conditioning filter serviceCheck and Replace Your Filters AS NEEDED


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