Will Adding a Return Air Vent Help This Hot Room


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What Is a return Air duct?

An air-conditioning system San Antonio contains two types of air duct systems that condition your indoor air and also supply the rooms in your home with freshly conditioned and filtered air.The supply ducts are used by an air-conditioning system San Antonio to supply your home with freshly conditioned and filtered air from your air handler.Your AC systemSan Antonio requires at least one return duct to help bring the air back to the evaporator coil where it is then reconditioned and sent back through the supply air ducts. Your return air duct San Antonio is usually responsible for helping your air flow throughout the home and is usually where your air filter is accessible.

Why is my room so hot?

* A room may become hot because doors are closed and air cannot flow.

* The room may be facing the sun.

*Older air ducts may have poorer insulation and on long attic runs can increase the temperature inside of the duct.

* Crimped or damaged air ducts San Antonio can cause air to leak into attics spaces lowering the airflow into that room.

What can adding a return duct do to my rooms air flow problem?

Adding a return duct to a room has many benefits including:

* Shortened reconditioning times

* Ability to have doors closed without having airflow issues

* Filtered conditioned air

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